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On the 9th August 2015 at Western Sydney Dragway my world was turned upside down when I was seriously injured whilst racing the Funny Car.

My injuries included a fractured skull, causing a damaged nerve in my left eye and a frozen left shoulder.
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After the racing incident the doctors told me I may never drive a passenger car again let alone race a car! I spent 76 days in a torturous Halo brace and nearly 2 years working on getting my arm and eyesight working again.
During that time I write a blog about my misfortune and the long road back to recovery as a form of mental recovery and also to let everyone know how I was getting on.
The shop and my family were flooded with people asking how I was so I figured this was the best way of keeping everyone updated.

This blog is even now read nearly three years on and is shared by others with similar injuries and fitted with the dreaded Halo brace.
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